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Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park gets its name from the Aboriginal floodplain language called Gagudju.  The languages were spoken north of the park in the beginning of the twentieth century by the native Aboriginal people.  The Kakadu National Park is jointly managed by the Director of National Parks and the original Aboriginal traditional owners.

The native Aboriginal owners are very proud to share their country with visitors.  Kakadu National Park is unique in Australia offering a wide variety of natural wonders.  You can see crocodiles in the floodplains of the South Alligator River, or travel to the spectacular scenery of Jim Jim falls during the wet season.

If you and your family are going to plan a trip to tour the Kakadu National Park you should allow several days of travel.  To safari, tour, back the Kakadu and see all the natural wonders will need several days.

Touring the Kakadu National Park is quite easy as there are a great many touring or safari companies offering the tour for every budget.  You can take a leisurely safari or a whirlwind bus tour.  You can stay in a wonderful safari tent along the river or in a wonderful lodge with all the amenities.

Here are the major regions you will want to visit in Kakadu National Park:

Kakadu National Park offers a wide variety of scenery and diverse wildlife.  You can stand by towering termite mounds or marvel and the many bird species.  There is something for everyone and every budget at Kakadu National Park.

Come safari Kakadu National Park and as our Aboriginal hosts would say; 'If you respect the land, you will feel the land'.