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Kakadu National Park is truly one of the wonders of Australia.  One of the absolute best ways to experience this fantastic national park is by 4WD tour.  The 4WD tour offers the park visitor the ability to go to parts of the park that are otherwise inaccessible.

Wilderness 4WD tours offer small groups so your experience is much more unique and private.  The 4WD will allow you to experience the outback at its majestic and in a private personal way.

Most Kakadu 4WD tours will take you to places in the park not seen by the regular park visitors.  Almost all 4WD safaris and tours will require you to be in good physical condition.  There are many treks into the outback while taking a 4WD tour and you should be prepared for this physical activity.

Travelers should also be prepared for the camp life.  Sleeping in tents and on cots can be a shock if you are not prepared for it.  The 4WD tour puts you in parts of the park that only a few permits are even allowed.  You will be able to see scenery and experience true native Aboriginal life and history.

There are several wilderness 4WD safari and tour companies.  One that has a special permit for the Koolpin Gorge area is:

Wilderness 4WD Adventures

specializing in small group active nature based tours.  They offer organized camping experience for active and fit people.  If you are not able to trek for some distance do not take this safari.  If you love nature and have a great thirst for knowledge then Wilderness 4WD tours is for you.  They offer several different types of 4WD tours but if you really want to experience the Kakadu you should plan on a five day tour minimum.

Touring the Kakadu by 4WD allows you to travel to remote areas of the national park and trek where there are no other people.  You get exclusive access to some of the greatest country in Australia.  It allows you to camp and see and explore areas of the park that few people get to see.

Traveling by 4WD safari or tour is the only way to experience the Kakadu National Park.  Be sure to pack your swim suit because you will be trekking in some of the most beautiful places in the world and offers some of the best swimming holes in the world.

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