Kakadu Tours

Kakadu Tours

Kakadu National Park covers 20,000 km and is located 250 km east of Darwin, the capital city of the Northern Territory.  Tours of Kakadu Park are renowned for their diversity.  Touring Kakadu offers the opportunity to see some of the oldest rock art in the world.  You can also explore some of the most diverse wildlife and natural beauty found in the world.

If the season is right, your Kakadu tour will offer you a glimpse of crocodiles, wallabies, dingoes, goannas and all manner of indigenous birds.  The flora can also be magnificent - depending on the season.

Tour hire is very easy and is the only way to see Kakadu National Park.  Kakadu tours offer the ability to see the wonders of the Kakadu National Park and experience the wonders nature has to offer.  Most tour companies will offer a variety of ways to see Kakadu Park.  You can travel in comfortable tour buses and stay in wonderful lodges or hotels, or you can take a custom four wheel drive tour and travel and experience the vastness of the park in style.

Odyssey Tours & Safaris

Based in Darwin they operate tours throughout the northern region including Kakadu National Park. They offer permanent camps or motel and lodge accommodation.  What makes them special are their custom four wheel drive vehicles designed to take you anywhere in the Kakadu.  These tours come with permanent tented accommodation that are designed for any season or climate.  The guides provide great meals and wonderful historical stories about the Kakadu National Park area.

There are a great many tour companies serving the Kakadu National Park area.  They all offer similar types of tours and cater to every budget and lifestyle.  This area is still home to native Aboriginal as it has been for 40,000 years.

Kakadu tours offer the best possible way to become one with the natural world that is Australia.  Plan your next family safari and come see the Kakadu.